I'm a second year PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Information Science. My research aims to critically examine how data about queer and marginalized people is made and used. I have experience using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

You can find a copy of my CV here.

> Current Projects

Queerness in Wikidata

This project examines how Wikidata, a database styled sister site to Wikipedia, handles queer identities. We examined the evolution of and discussions around the datafied representations of sexuality and gender identity. We pay special attention to the tensions that arose when trying to encapsulate the breadth of queer identities into a rigid database schema.

Queer Individuals on Wikipedia

This study follows our Wikidata project, and hopes to understand the representation and integration of queer individuals into the Wikipedia landscape as a whole.

> Past Projects

Critical Analysis of Crime Mapping Algorithms

For this project, we studied two common crime mapping algorithms, KMeans and KDE, and their deployment. We critically analyzed the algorithm itself, as well as interviewing professionals and stakeholders use experience. This project culminated in my Master's thesis, which was defended in April of 2020.